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Money or Your Life?

It’s horrifying to read that some burglars will return after the first burglary only to steal the replacement item, knowing that we will claim on our insurance and then go and buy a new item, such as a laptop etc.

It’s terrifying how many home invasions where violence is becoming even more brutal.  From grandmothers looking after their grandchildren to innocent families who should feel safe in their own homes it seems we are all at risk.

What can we do? 

  • Get to know your neighbours and keep an eye out for each other.  Neighbours who may be home during the day can be your new best friend when you are out at work
  • Install a quality burglar alarm.  The reason we say a quality burglar alarm is for a couple of reasons.  Basically you get what you pay for so the better the quality the better the performance. Secondly insurance companies will give you discount on your premiums if you let them know you have installed an alarm system.  They will want to know that it has been installed by a professional company
  • Consider alarm monitoring. It’s an extra security step and many people love this for their elderly parents or if they have a lot of expensive kit in their home they want to stay out of a burglars way

It’s probably a good time to do a stock take of all your contents and list how much each item would cost to replace.  Then compare that to how much a quality burglar alarm system would cost.  For the cost of a new laptop (that remember can be stolen more than once) or a new TV you can get a top-notch alarm system that will stop any burglar in their tracks.

Monitoring Technology – The Sophisticated Way To Protect & Defend

There was a time when all you needed was a sign to say; “guard dog on premises” and a picture of said vicious looking dog and thieves would keep out.  That’s not to say that letting people know you have some sort of security system isn’t a deterrent – because it can be – but if you want the super-power in security then the best security technology and alarm monitoring is the way to go. 

These days we all rely on technology – it’s hard to imagine what we did pre mobile phone and the Internet.  We have GPS, online shopping, real time news from around the world and anything else you can think of at our fingers tips and alarm technology is going the same way. Alarm monitoring technology is forever changing and improving the way we can help you defend and protect your family, home and/or business.

CCTV is a sophisticated and smart way of monitoring.  From transport companies to homeowners who want to keep on eye on things, we have intelligent but very simple systems that work incredibly well.  TVs set up in an office, for example, are not only a great security tool, they also equip managers who are mainly office based to keep an eye on operations going out in the yard.  Not because they are big brother but because they need to make sure the job is done right.  It is better to be proactive than reactive, and with everyone’s mind on health and safety and making sure we all do the right thing the chain of responsibility is upheld.

Alarm monitoring systems also rely on advanced telecommunications so the right people are on hand to dispatch the right person at the right time.  We take security very seriously, because we know what can happen if it all goes wrong.  When you need emergency services or you need our team of security officers to act with a sense of urgency, we give you the peace of mind that this is what we do.   We put you back in control with the next generation of smart technology. 

Monitoring Offers Full Protection

The Oxford Dictionary’s definition of a monitor is: A device used for observing, checking, or keeping a continuous record of something. 

The purpose of a monitor is the same – to observe, to check, and to record and we have added another one – to keep safe.  With many of us either with young families, businesses or elderly relatives to protect, monitoring offers full protection.  Most security devices can be monitored and the benefits for monitoring are vast.

Fire Detector or Smoke Alarm Monitoring

The NZ Fire Service attends approximately 3,500 house fires in a year. In 80% of those house fires either the dweller doesn’t have a smoke alarm or they are faulty.  Having an alarm that works and is monitored saves lives, it’s that simple.  We have all seen the heart breaking adverts on TV that serve as a warning to us all.  It’s never too late to install detectors that protect your precious family or business. 

Distress Buttons

There are simple things we can all do to protect ourselves in our own home and business, locking the front and back door, installing sensor lights, ensuring your windows are secure and installing alarm systems like distress buttons or panic buttons.  The beauty of a distress button is it is monitored directly with your security company, so the minute it is activated you know help is immediately on its way.  Emergency services can be alerted, as can in-house security guards who can be dispatched using the latest technology so there is no confusion or delay.   

We know many people live away from their elderly loved ones and we can’t always be on site, so in some cases the best we can do is provide the alarms and monitoring services so we can all get a good nights sleep. 

Alarms versus Being Burgled? Why You Need Alarm Monitoring Systems

Having an alarm installed versus taking the risk of being burgled? No one wants to be robbed and everyone has the right to be safe.

There are important factors to be considered when buying alarm systems and alarm monitoring. Alarm specialists talk about the “4 perimeters of defence of your property”. From alarm installation, alarm systems and alarm monitoring the aim is to provide total protection.

The first line of defence is your decal or sign to say your premises are under watch (by someone smarter and far more clever than the burglars). It’s all about deterrence.

The second line of defence is what’s known in the trade as perimeter defence. This alarm monitoring system immediately sends an alarm if someone is within a certain entry point they shouldn’t be. These outside detectors work quickly and effectively; the aim is to stop burglars in their tracks before they have a chance to get started.

The third lines of defence are inside detectors. The interior alarm system has sensors strategically set up so any sense of inside intrusion is instantly messaged to the security teams, who are on stand by 24/7.

The fourth line of defence is the security team. The security team works around the clock protecting people and their property. Whether it is your business premises or your residential premises; the team of alarm monitoring experts has the qualifications and skills needed to get the results expected of them.

Alarm systems installed and monitored professionally will protect you, your family and your valuable assets. With built in safety features specifically designed to keep you well and truly in control - it’s your safety guarantee.

Monthly burglary statistics

Here are the latest statistics from New Zealand Police on burglaries: As you can see the numbers have gone slightly up year on year for the whole of Bay of Plenty, with a slight reduction in the Western Bay of Plenty area. From reading your daily newspaper, drug offenses are surely on everyones's mind, but there are now 7 times as many burglaries in the Bay of Plenty than drug offenses. Think about it: who do you know that has been burgled recently. We all know someone.

Community involvement the key to reducing burglaries

This is a good piece on the work of Neighbourhood Support in the Papamoa area. Taking responsibility for securing your possessions is the key to reducing the cost of break-ins and car thefts to society.