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Alarms versus Being Burgled? Why You Need Alarm Monitoring Systems

Having an alarm installed versus taking the risk of being burgled? No one wants to be robbed and everyone has the right to be safe.

There are important factors to be considered when buying alarm systems and alarm monitoring. Alarm specialists talk about the “4 perimeters of defence of your property”. From alarm installation, alarm systems and alarm monitoring the aim is to provide total protection.

The first line of defence is your decal or sign to say your premises are under watch (by someone smarter and far more clever than the burglars). It’s all about deterrence.

The second line of defence is what’s known in the trade as perimeter defence. This alarm monitoring system immediately sends an alarm if someone is within a certain entry point they shouldn’t be. These outside detectors work quickly and effectively; the aim is to stop burglars in their tracks before they have a chance to get started.

The third lines of defence are inside detectors. The interior alarm system has sensors strategically set up so any sense of inside intrusion is instantly messaged to the security teams, who are on stand by 24/7.

The fourth line of defence is the security team. The security team works around the clock protecting people and their property. Whether it is your business premises or your residential premises; the team of alarm monitoring experts has the qualifications and skills needed to get the results expected of them.

Alarm systems installed and monitored professionally will protect you, your family and your valuable assets. With built in safety features specifically designed to keep you well and truly in control - it’s your safety guarantee.