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Money or Your Life?

It’s horrifying to read that some burglars will return after the first burglary only to steal the replacement item, knowing that we will claim on our insurance and then go and buy a new item, such as a laptop etc.

It’s terrifying how many home invasions where violence is becoming even more brutal.  From grandmothers looking after their grandchildren to innocent families who should feel safe in their own homes it seems we are all at risk.

What can we do? 

  • Get to know your neighbours and keep an eye out for each other.  Neighbours who may be home during the day can be your new best friend when you are out at work
  • Install a quality burglar alarm.  The reason we say a quality burglar alarm is for a couple of reasons.  Basically you get what you pay for so the better the quality the better the performance. Secondly insurance companies will give you discount on your premiums if you let them know you have installed an alarm system.  They will want to know that it has been installed by a professional company
  • Consider alarm monitoring. It’s an extra security step and many people love this for their elderly parents or if they have a lot of expensive kit in their home they want to stay out of a burglars way

It’s probably a good time to do a stock take of all your contents and list how much each item would cost to replace.  Then compare that to how much a quality burglar alarm system would cost.  For the cost of a new laptop (that remember can be stolen more than once) or a new TV you can get a top-notch alarm system that will stop any burglar in their tracks.