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Monitoring Offers Full Protection

The Oxford Dictionary’s definition of a monitor is: A device used for observing, checking, or keeping a continuous record of something. 

The purpose of a monitor is the same – to observe, to check, and to record and we have added another one – to keep safe.  With many of us either with young families, businesses or elderly relatives to protect, monitoring offers full protection.  Most security devices can be monitored and the benefits for monitoring are vast.

Fire Detector or Smoke Alarm Monitoring

The NZ Fire Service attends approximately 3,500 house fires in a year. In 80% of those house fires either the dweller doesn’t have a smoke alarm or they are faulty.  Having an alarm that works and is monitored saves lives, it’s that simple.  We have all seen the heart breaking adverts on TV that serve as a warning to us all.  It’s never too late to install detectors that protect your precious family or business. 

Distress Buttons

There are simple things we can all do to protect ourselves in our own home and business, locking the front and back door, installing sensor lights, ensuring your windows are secure and installing alarm systems like distress buttons or panic buttons.  The beauty of a distress button is it is monitored directly with your security company, so the minute it is activated you know help is immediately on its way.  Emergency services can be alerted, as can in-house security guards who can be dispatched using the latest technology so there is no confusion or delay.   

We know many people live away from their elderly loved ones and we can’t always be on site, so in some cases the best we can do is provide the alarms and monitoring services so we can all get a good nights sleep.