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Alarm Monitoring

For less than $1 per day, get 24/7 monitoring of your alarm. Monitoring connections available via telephone, internet and mobile network.

Monitoring Features: 

  • 24/7 alarm monitoring of alarm system. 
  • Monitoring of alarm activations and appropriate response: 
    • Call to your nominated contacts 
    • Dispatching of appropriate service via patrol, fire, ambulance 
  • Monitoring of Keypad Panics:
    • In case of fire 
    • Medical alarm
  • Monitoring will also cover:
    • Notification of any failures to teh phone line connected to alarm
    • You may be notified of a power failure in excess of a specied duration
  • System check: The alarm with self-test daily to check status, battery and communications. 
  • Site management: If you wish, we can manage the opening and closing of your premises. If the premises are opened at an unscheduled time, or if the alarm is not armed at a specified time, you may be notified.