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Security Cameras & CCTV Systems

 Looking for that extra level of security for your home or business? CCTV solutions are now more afforable than ever, with customisable options available to meet your specific needs. Whether it is a single-camera solution to monitor your driveway, or a multi-camera system to provide full coverage of your property, we have a solution for you. All our CCTV solutions offer access to footage via static monitor, your PC or laptop, and/or your smartphone and tablet. 

CCTV brands offered include Avigilon, Dahua, Hikvision, Panasonic, Sony, Uniview, and Vivotek.

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So whether you want to upgrade your existing analogue CCTV system, or install a new IP CCTV system, contact us for a free, no obligation quote.


All robust CCTV systems require a recording device connected to your cameras. These will usually be in the form of a NVR (network video recorder) for IP systems, or a DVR (digital video recorder) for analogue systems. There are other hybrid recorders that enable both analogue and IP cameras to be used on the one system, however IP is so cost-effective these days that many opt to convert straight to IP.

The capacity of the recorder is determined by the number of channels it can handle. E.g. a 4-channel recorder can handle up to 4 cameras, an 8-channel can handle up to 8 cameras, and so on. The storage capacity is then determined by the size of the hard drive (HDD), which usually starts at 1 terabyte (TB), and goes up from there.


CCTV cameras come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, specifications and performance levels. Each camera is designed to meet a specific need, whether it be for indoor or outdoor use, short-range or long-range focus, and for general detection or specific identification. Some of these differences include:

  • Dome, turret or bullet cameras Hikvision Cameras
  • Vandalproof cameras
  • Indoor or outdoor (IP67-rated) cameras
  • Number plate recognition cameras
  • Covert/Pinhole cameras
  • Wireless cameras



There are a number of wireless CCTV camera options available for locations where running cable isn't possible. However, it is important to note that most systems are not truly 'wireless' as there is still a cable required to provide power to the camera, although some do have solar panels to help recharge on-board batteries. Wireless cameras also require a strong wifi signal at the camera location to ensure reliability of the system. We can provide a number of wireless camera solutions to meet you needs, including outdoor cameras and mobile cameras that can be moved around your home/property.

CCTV Packages

We would love to visit you to understand your specific CCTV requirements, and can then customise a CCTV package to suit your needs. IP CCTV packages start from as little as $1,500 (subject to site inspection). 

This start-up package includes: Dahua CCTV Kit

  • 1 x 4-channel NVR
  • 1 x 1TB HDD
  • 1 x high-quality 6MP 'AI' IP camera
  • Installation and configuration