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Driveway Beams

Want to know when someone has entered your driveway or is on your property? Driveway beams and driveway alert systems are the perfect solution and come in a variety of options to meet all budgets.

The type of driveway beam or alert system for your property mainly depends on how the system will be powered, with options including:

  • Hard-wired beams
  • Solar-powered beams
  • Battery-powered beams

Hard-wired beams are most suitable if it is possible to run cabling from a building nearby that has a mains power source. Many rural properties and orchards don't have this luxury, so a solar-powered or battery-powered beam system is more practical.

All beam systems have the capability of alerting you via a small speaker/chime inside your house/building. Some beam systems also have the capability of alerting you via 2-way radio devices, and even via text message to your mobile phone.

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