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"We are both delighted with the security systems that your company has installed (both extensive coverage of burglar alarm PIRs and also advanced commercial / industrial level automatic smoke detection) into our newly acquired house in Omokoroa and we were both impressed and appreciative of the speed that our queries were answered by you and the rapid move forward to the installation process. The systems work perfectly."

T & J, Omokoroa


Prior to retiring I worked for some 44 years in the New Zealand Fire Service, many of those years were spent as a ‘specialist’ officer in the Fire Service, Fire Safety Department. Having seen so many (& at times what appeared as endlessly bound to happen) tragic results from both fire, & burglaries that involved fire; I cannot recommend too highly the importance of homes & other buildings having both operative & monitored advanced levels of burglar alarm systems & also comprehensive coverage of automatic smoke detection throughout a building.

The peace of mind that these system give is almost incalculable & as a bonus our insurance company gives us a discount on the house insurance premium, knowing that we have a monitored burglar alarm system in place.

I would appreciate that you make the above known to any prospective future clients & I am more than happy to answer queries from anyone who wishes to know more about these protective systems, what constitutes 'adequate coverage'.  

Our regards.  

T & J, Omokoroa, Bay of Plenty.