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"Installing this CCTV system was worth every cent"

"Thank you for another excellent install of the CCTV system, which has performed better than my expectations, is easy to use and well documented. I live down a long right-of-way, well off the road and out of sight. I was surprised to see just how many "interesting individuals" have been scoping the place out, (and our neighbour's home while they're out), even in broad daylight! All "caught on camera". The CCTV cameras have more than made up for the blind spots on the house and the infrared at night is top notch. Without them, I would never have known. With crime rates increasing in Tauranga, installing this CCTV system was worth every cent. Great job & service! (Thoroughly enjoyed the helpful banter with you and Jason, too). Highly recommended.

Shane Pickering - Tauranga